Ev Dimmig
Didn’t expect to see you here, 1991.
#tbt looking fondly back on the days of #funemployment  (at my past)
Day 1 at the fortress (at Forbes Magazine)
Work in Progress (at The Convent)
Finally made it here after two years of it being on my bucket list. Such a stunning space (and surrounding park) for an incredible collection.  (at The Cloisters)
Spending the holiday with all my friends 👻
🌿☕️ all day, every day (at The Convent)
🔆 (at The Convent)
at Myrtle Avenue
Decorating the new 🏠 is coming along nicely; building furniture—not so much. If you’re in NYC, come visit! (at little skips)
🌽🌽🌽 + 🐶