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Finally made it here after two years of it being on my bucket list. Such a stunning space (and surrounding park) for an incredible collection.  (at The Cloisters)
Spending the holiday with all my friends 👻
🌿☕️ all day, every day (at The Convent)
🔆 (at The Convent)
at Myrtle Avenue
Decorating the new 🏠 is coming along nicely; building furniture—not so much. If you’re in NYC, come visit! (at little skips)
🌽🌽🌽 + 🐶
…Slavery was a system of “corrective violence.” Colonialism was a system of “corrective violence.” Apartheid was a system of “corrective violence.” Jim Crow was a system of “corrective violence.” Reservations are a system of “corrective violence.” Deportation and detention centers are “corrective violence.” Correctional violence is violence performed by individuals who are representatives of the state (read white men); it is used to correct the non-state sanctioned violence performed by deviant bodies. The U.S. leads the world in number of prisons in operation and of citizens incarcerated. The U.S. legal, policing, and prison systems—justice systems—are systems of “correctional violence.” Black, Brown and Native men, and oftentimes Black, Brown and Native women are always deemed the deviant bodies in need of policing and correcting…

The history of racial violence in this country necessitates attention. It requires that we connect each gunned down Black man with each—raped woman of color, beaten and harassed Trans person, Muslim person called a terrorist and stripped of their civil rights, and every U.S. deportee. Race is a thing and an issue because it has been made that way by systems of corrective violence. Vanessa Lynn Lovelace, On Ferguson’s Protests and It’s Occupation  (via anthropologeist)

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A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot
Happy #friday 🎉